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It's official: Our furniture is fit for The Queen!

That's right, we're unbelievably proud to say that we have supplied some of our teak garden furniture to the Royal Sandringham Estate.

We recently provided 20 of our teak garden benches and 10 teak coffee tables to the estate, which is owned by Her Majesty.


Fit for Her Majesty The Queen: We recently supplied the Royal Sandringham Estate with our teak garden benches and coffee tables. Above is the Lutyens teak bench and matching coffee table.


The Royal Sandringham Estate

A sprawling 24 hectare plot of land, The Royal Sandringham Estate is a stunning retreat of lush gardens. Set within those lavish surroundings is Sandringham House, a Grade II listed property which is privately owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

The estate is located in the county of Norfolk, where it falls in the protected landscape that makes up the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Sandringham is described as the “much-loved country retreat” of The Queen.

Whilst Her Majesty owns the land and property, it is the Duke of Edinburgh who oversees its upkeep and management. He has been responsible for the Sandringham Estate ever since Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1952.


Public access and attractions at Sandringham

Although privately owned by The Queen, the Royal Sandringham Estate is open to the public.

Sandringham House itself has been a visitor's attraction since 1977. The vast gardens and country park are also open for public visitors, while there are museums documenting Royal life and the history of the estate.

As an area of natural beauty, the Sandringham Estate features lawns and blooming foliage. One of the Duke of Edinburgh's values was to ensure the estate is kept in a sustainable condition for future generations to enjoy.

Every year, there are miles of hedges and thousands of trees planted at Sandringham. There are also 10 wetland areas on the estate, while the grounds are farmed sustainably which encourages wildlife to the area.

These gardens therefore make for a truly relaxing day out – perfect for sitting and unwinding on a summer's day.

If you want to create a little corner of the Sandringham Estate in your own garden, check out our range of teak garden benches here.

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