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11 Budget-Friendly Ways To Keep Your Home Warm In The Winter

Whilst temperatures are beginning to drop at this time of year, homeowners across the UK are starting to turn their heating on to warm the house up.

Heating can put a real strain on your finances when the winter draws in, so we've come up with a few cost-reducing solutions that will ensure you don't get hit with a huge energy bill, leaving you with more money to get your house ready for the run up to Christmas, start your Christmas shopping and attend all the seasonal celebrations.

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Published: 17/08/2015

10 Tips For Gardening With Kids

10 Tips For Gardening With Kids

Getting out and about in the great outdoors is a fantastic way of stimulating your child's senses and teaching them about the world around them. This learning can start in your own garden, and is guaranteed fun in a healthy and inexpensive way.

Growing flowers, learning about minibeasts and nature and being hands on in the garden is great for physical development and understanding the world whilst having fun and getting mucky.

Here we go through a few tactics that will get the kids excited and help to teach them the ways of the world...

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Ways To Bring Your Garden Into Your Home

If you're a gardening enthusiast, you may have been toying with ideas as to how to bring your love for the great outdoors inside.

However, it's hard to think of ways to do this in a way to suit everyone's taste. If your partner isn't into their gardening as much as you, they might be sceptical of the idea. But with these tips, you can convince them...

We've put together a guide to bring the outside in...

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Container Gardening Ideas For Great Plant Pots All Year Round

Container gardening is popular with many people. There's something really satisfying about nurturing a handful of plants in a small space, and watching as they develop.

And while they might bloom in the summer, many people neglect their planters in the colder months. However, they can be used all year round to keep your garden looking great.

In this guide, we'll show you some great ways to get the most from your garden planters and containers.


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Garden Patio Ideas For A Pleasant Outdoor Area

If you're like most of the British population, you'll love getting outside in the garden when the weather is pleasant.

There are lots of ways that a patio can help you enjoy your garden in the summer. The truth is this:

A well designed patio is one of the most enjoyable areas to spend time outdoors.

This post will show you how to make the most of your patio area.


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